CF-L1, CF-L2
USAW Sports Performance
More About Rich
I started CrossFit in the beginning of 2012 after my doctor told me that I had underdeveloped muscles in my back and If I didn’t strengthen them I’d continue to have back problems. I reluctantly walked into a CrossFit gym and almost 7 years later I’m glad I did. It has only changed my life for the better. It has become a lifestyle that I would never change. It has allowed me to grow as a human being and to be a coach to so many people over the years. I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of hundreds of transformations throughout my coaching career and I’m excited to continue to be a part of so many more here at CrossFit Muse.


More About Mara
Never an athlete, I worked out over the years, trying everything from running to weightlifting to random cardio-based classes.  But until trying CrossFit about 2 years ago, I never found anything that improved my overall fitness level, not to mention continuously interested and challenged me. Yet what really hooked me on CrossFit is the community: I’ve been to boxes across the country and always welcomed and encouraged as though I were a long-term member. CrossFit has given me a way to get stronger and fitter while providing me with a support system, and I can’t wait to share that with everyone at CrossFit Muse.


CF-L1, CF-L2
CF-Gymnastics, CF-Power Lifting, CF-Aerobic Capacity, (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer
More About Mike

I began my CrossFit journey in 2010 when I fell for the sport. Hard. From my very first workout, I was hooked. The intensity. The results. The respect for health and fitness. And, of course, the amazing worldwide community. For the last 9 years, I have been coaching CrossFit classes and working with individuals. I love being a coach. I am energized each and every (early) morning I wake up. Every day I get to work with people brand-new to CrossFit, all the way to people who want to compete in the sport at the highest levels. I am excited to have the opportunity to expand my coaching to the CrossFit Muse family!


BS Kinesiology, Exercise Science
Aleksey Torokhtiy Weightlifting
More About Rubina

I was introduced to CrossFit in 2014 during one of my college classes and was immediately drawn to the community. As a dancer, I never imagined myself weightlifting, climbing a rope, or even doing a pull-up. By delving into the CrossFit methodology I quickly learned how essential these movements are in everyday life and began to explore fitness as a mechanism to better myself. I started to challenge myself mentally as well as physically with every workout. When I am not at the gym, I spend my time teaching, choreographing, and performing. My passion lies in helping others achieve what they once believed was impossible.




More About Hayden

My CrossFit journey kicked off in 2017 in the heart of Downtown LA. Having transitioned from athlete to coach of the competitive cheer team at USC,  I missed being coached myself. I discovered CrossFit and soon found myself on an amazing new fitness adventure. Growing up in the world of competitive cheerleading and gymnastics, I was immediately drawn to the inspiring community that surrounds CrossFit and I fell in love with the methodology and foundations of the sport. CrossFit Muse now feels like home and I am beyond excited to contribute to continued growth and success with my Muse family.