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We know that people are motivated by different things and have different goals. At CrossFit Muse, OUR goal is to help you achieve yours, whether it’s to get fit, get stronger, or just get going. Our coaches have a combined 12 years of training and experience and our 5,000 sq. ft facility conveniently located in downtown LA houses all the brand-new equipment you need to lift, run, swing, or stretch. We believe there is nothing you can’t do, and we’re providing the tools you need to do it.

And that’s just the beginning.

Great programming, great coaching, and great facilities are the staple of any CrossFit box, and the foundation on which Muse was built. But what really differentiates us is our community: We work out together; we motivate each other; we help each other . . . we even hang out at social events! There are no outsiders at CrossFit Muse: Whether this is your first class with us or your 100th, when you’re here, you’re part of our family.
You’re the reason we are doing this. You’re OUR muse.

Welcome to CrossFit Muse!

CrossFit Muse

1354 S Margo St. Los Angeles, CA 90015 (click for directions)

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